Friday, January 16, 2009

Rubik's Cube

Rubik's Cube... the most famous toy in the world

started playing it when i was in form 1.... it's much easier than it looks... take my word for it... my personal record is 52 seconds.... huhu

This here is the Rubik's Revenge or 4x4 Rubik's Cube... i bought it when i was doing my preperation in UKM... can solve it now... but am improving on my speed... haven't timed myself solving it yet... i've got my eye on the Professor or 5x5 rubik's cube now... it's next on my wish list....

oh yeah!
my lectures finished yesterday.... but still have a few practical classes going on...  then the study leave starts.... here's my schedule... pray for me !!

Practical exams
20/1 > Anatomy (bones)
24/1 > Histology
29/1 > Biochemistry 

Final Semester exam
9/2   > Biochemistry
13/2 > Anatomy
16/2 > Physiology
20/2 > Pharmacology
23/2 > Community Medicine
27/2 > Histology
3/2   > Terminology

"Allahumma  ja'alna  mina-Najihin,  wal Faizin,  fii imtihan,  fii ikhtibar,  fii dunia wal Akhirah  ..... Ameen"


anwar azhari said...


mnda rubix nih ak leh wat dlm mase yg agak lamer r..

52 saat..

x de pape la bg ak..

ak 51 jam bleh abiskn..

Muhammad Anas bin Kamarudin said...

at least it's a smaller number... huhu....

.noel. said...

hmm rubix
x ske wat coz i
always bosan with something
n buat same routine
aku buat dulu but sekali
then i feel so much boring!!!

neway that's me!!!

Muhammad Anas bin Kamarudin said...

ooo.. main gak dlu eh??

huhu... i get bored too sometimes with some things... but not rubik's cube... huhu...