Monday, February 16, 2009

look at the greener grass

"Remember ALLAH and you will find HIM before you; Keep your acquaintance with ALLAH in times of ease and HE will acknowledge you in times of difficulty.

And know that what does not come to you was NOT DESTINED FOR YOU, and that what is destined for you can never miss you

And know that help (from ALLAH) comes with patience and that there is relief with hardship and that with the difficulty comes ease (hadith tarmizi)

N.B : Look on the bright side in every exam. Jgn tengok how many mistakes you've made, but tengok how many questions yang ALLAH dah tolong kita jawab dengan betul

di 'copy past' dari blog Akh Anas


afiQFaiz said...

blogger tegar..haha

couldn't agree more than what stated in your post~
to think about it,it helps to make ourselves being more appreciative.. more grateful..

enough already with those : "ala~~ ak silap 1 soalan td~!!"


Anonymous said...


im very sick of pple who said

"OMG, ak salah r..!!"

"OS, ak x bace"

"D! FI! ak blank sial"



Muhammad Anas bin Kamarudin said...

huhu... i often forget myself... how much ALLAH has been there and helped us...

without ALLAH's 'go'... satu soalan pun kita x dapat jawab... boleh je sorang tu study 'crazy'2, pas2 orang tu bnyk maksiat ke apa, ALLAH 'blank'kan otaknya waktu exam... na'uzubILLAH...

Quran; Ad-Dhuha,3 :
"Rabb-Mu tiada meninggalkan kamu, dan tiada benci kepadamu"