Tuesday, July 1, 2008

little bit 'bout me

waaa.... lama gile x update blog... dekat sbulan gak.... perghh... malas gile...

well, i thought i'd write a little bit 'bout


so, I was born in Kuala Terengganu. orang tua saya dua-dua orang terengganu, abi dari Kuala Berang dan mama dari Pulau Rusa. my dad's a commander in the Royal Malaysian Navy, director of the IT division. my mum's a dedicated mum (duh!), she takes care of the house, and most importantly , us!! adik beradik de 5 orang, i'm the third. i'm really lucky, sume aku merasa. 1 big sis, 1 big bro, 1 li'l bro, 1 li'l sis. currently, my sisters in her last year, she's studying medicine in UIA, my bro's in Auckland, New Zealand studying Mechanical Engineering, I'm going to be studying MEDICINE in ALEXANDRIA UNIVERSITY, EGYPT. my li'l bro's in KISAS, SPM this year, and lastly my li'l sis is taking her UPSR at SRAI Bandar Baru Bangi

At school, hmm..... prefect, naqib, debater, public speaker, sidang redaksi majalah skolah, athlete (1500m, 800m, 400m and 4x400m, cross country)...... represented perak in archery, MSSM. PKBM(L) cadet .

personally, hmm...
who knows, khows......

when I was 2 years old, my family moved to the United Kingdom. a short period of it was in England and the remainder was in Glasgow, Scotland. Stayed there for 8 years. the funny thing is, we never spoke malay in the house, just english.
i went to school there. man it's different from school here. over here, you mention school to a kid, they'll almost definitely moan. and when it's time to go back they'll say "yahoo!!" or "google!!" (the latter is a joke by the way). over there it's the exact opposite, kids get all excited to go to school in the morning, they can't wait, and when school's over, they'll moan...... i here ya'all asking why?.... here school's all about exams, blaja ntuk jwab soalan rite?... but there it's not exam oriented, you actually learn stuff... so x stress ngan exam. it becomes fun to learn. and the teacher's actually pay attention to their students (no offence to the teacher's here by the way). and the syllabus is way advanced from here. sana primary 1 umur 6 tahun, sampai primary 7 umur 12 tahun... primary tu kiranya darjah/standard. saya sempat skolah situ smpai primary 5, 10 tahun.
waktu balik m'sia darjah 4, yg blaja dlm kelas, decimal, fraction, photosynthesis.... sumer aku dah tau... tapi x gune gak, coz x dpt communicate. haha.. seb baik skolah a.c.s, skolah cina ada gak la yg boleh speaking. cikgu2 dia pn boleh speaking. but it was still hard.


ahakz, teringat laa pulak... well the story starts when i just came back to malaysia... waktu tu duk kampung coz umah kat perak x siap lagi... so dak2 kampung tau laa aku ni dak scotland, x reti 'bercakap', so they made fun of me, perli2, kutuk2 ( not that i understood what they said at the time)... bengang laa kan... tapi nak ekspresikan dok reti... but at the time i knew a few words such as makan, suka, and bodoh was one of the... but at the time i had a problem with kata ganti nama, always got them mixed up... aku, kau, dia.
long story short, i was in the living room ( you know how kampung houses are on stilts[tiang]) and they were down there just outside. the window was open so they saw me, and started saying things. i don't know what got over me, but i went up to the window, stuck my head out and shouted "AKU BODOH!!" (i meant to say "you guys are stupid" by the way), then suddenly they were rolling on the ground laughing (slight exageration there) and so were my aunts, uncles, and cousins (who just happend to be in the house at the time, and slight exageration there too).... so it was then that i figured i got aku and kau mixed up again... man was that humiliating! malunya, hanya tuhan yang tahu.... apa lagi, i ran into my room, locked the door, and cried.....haha... lawak giler bila pikir balik...

i think that's enough for now... next post i'm planning on showin' y'guyz (and gurlz) some of my pics from overseas, it'll take awhile coz i need to scan them 1st... see ya!!!

p/s: my scanner's not working rite now, and i'll be in campus soon, so i dunno when i can post the pics. I'll try my best but can't promise.


qila okeyh! ;D said...

seronok ar baca blog ko..
part yg nak last tu ;p
ha3x!.. ;D..
len kali citelah pasal kitorang lak! ekeke

Muhammad Anas bin Kamarudin said...

glad you enjoyed it...

Muhammad Anas bin Kamarudin said...

gambar2 tu aku buh kat flickr btw