Thursday, July 3, 2008

MESTI tonton / baca

ICHI LITRE NO NAMIDA ( 1 litre of tears ) [based on atrue story]

citer ni drama jepun. 11 episodes long (pendek je) and certainly, absolutely, amazingly well worth watching. I'd give it a 10 out of 5 rating. siyes, citer ni sumer orang patut tgk. syarat dia 1 je, kena tengok sorang2.

Kitou Aya is a young lively highschooler who finds out that she has Spinocerebellar Atrophy. This disease causes the person to lose control over his or her body. Because the person retains all of her mental ability, this disease is like a prison. Through her struggles, Aya finds words to inspire herself to become strong and cope with the disease and has subsequently inspired millions of readers to overcome their own strife. This is her story.

( aya is an actual person and '1 litre of tears' is the name of the diary she wrote 'bout her life. the diary sold millions of copies worldwide)


what can i say 'bout this book, beautiful. yg dah baca, xpe yang belum, find a copy!!!. It's about Fahri yang memang betul2 jaga agamanya. here a few clues to what the book is 'bout

1. perempuan yg baik untuk lelaki yang baik and vice versa
2. Cinta selepas kahwin
3. justice prevails
4. Baik dibalas baik

read it, x rugi baca. rugi x baca


basicly, it's about 12 year old genius criminal mastermind who discovers humans aren't the only civilised species on earth. deep underground live the 'fairy people'. enemies are made and alliances formed.

there are 6 books in the series
1. artemis fowl
2. arctic incident
3. eternity code
4. the opal deception
5. the lost colony
6. the time paradox (coming july 2008)


qila okeyh! ;D said...

1 litre of tears..
cite ni mest tau dari fiq kan?..
nangis x tgk cite ni?.. sedih gak kan..
buku tntg ayat2 cinta tu besh sgt ke?

Muhammad Anas bin Kamarudin said...

best x???... mesti laa best.. keindahan ayat2 quran dia guna dlm tuh... stakat ni aku dah pinjamkan aku nyer kat bbrapa mmber aku, sume kata "trima kasih laa anas suh aku baca, best gila buku tuh"... siyes